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  • Kim Kardashian Wishes Soulja Boy Would ‘Go Away’ After Dissing Kanye West
January 17, 2019
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Kim Kardashian Wishes Soulja Boy Would ‘Go Away’ After Dissing Kanye West

Soulja Boy made his debut appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Clubon Jan. 16 and he did not disappoint. While he dragged Tyga and Drake, he saved his best slams for Kanye West. The 28-year-old — real same DeAndre Cortez Way —  went in on how Ye claims he’s one of the greatest innovators in American history, as well as his controversial supportfor President Donald Trump. That has the 41-year-old rapper’s wife Kim Kardashian upset.Kim is not a fan of Soulja Boy or of his disrespectful comments about her husband Kanye.

Kim is tired of always feeling protective of Kanye every time someone wants to come after him for his controversial opinions, but she feels like she will always have a duty to defend her man. However on this one, while Kim does not appreciate Soulja Boy’s, ‘goofy’ comments about her husband, she does not have time or the energy to acknowledge Soulja with a response. Kim feels like he is ridiculous, disrespectful and out of line to be criticizing Kanye like that. She wishes Soulja would go away and leave her man and family alone, our insider continues.

Soulja went in on one of Kanye’s Twitter rants from April of 2018 where he wrote “I am this generations Ford Hughes Jobs Disney,” referencing history changing innovators Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. “N***as talking about Kanye,” he began. “Talking about I’m Walt Disney. N***a, you ain’t none of that. Why you ain’t come out with s**t then? I came out with a whole video console, bruh. I’m the first rapper in history to do that, bruh. You ain’t Walt Disney, You ain’t none of that, bruh.” He then went in on Kanye’s Yeezy Boost 350 shoes with Adidas. “You kissed them folks ass at Louis Vuitton and you kissed them folks ass at Adidas and you came out with two pair of goofy ass tennis shoes.”

Then the “Crank That” rapper went after Kanye’s admiration of Trump. “You up here supporting Trump and s**t. You supporting Trump, bruh? What the f**k wrong with you, bruh. That s**t not right, bruh. I have sat back long enough and I’m not holding my tongue no more, bruh. Kanye, call me, get in tune with me cause if not I’m going to keep checking you.”

Soulja then seemed to pivot to Ye’s controversial statement in may that “slavery was a choice.” “My folks went through too much s**t for you to be out here doing this goofy s**t” he continued. “My grandaddy been through too much, my grandma and great grandaddy, they from Mississippi. We went through slavery and s**t. You gotta put on for the black community.”

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