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  • Veteran Actor Sivakumar knock's down a Fan's Phone
February 7, 2019
by admin

Veteran Actor Sivakumar knock’s down a Fan’s Phone

Veteran on-screen character Sivakumar has hit the features over his forceful conduct. The performing artist thumped away a fan’s telephone who was attempting to click a selfie with him without his assent. Sivakumar was as of late welcomed at chief performer E Ramadoss’ home for a wedding and keeping in mind that he was advancing toward the scene, a fan attempted to click a selfie with him. A lot to the stun of everybody, he thumped down the fan’s telephone and left without thinking back to what occurred. The video has turned into a web sensation via web-based networking media and Twitterati have requested an expression of remorse.

This isn’t out of the blue that Sivakumar has done anything such. A year ago in October, at the occasion, various fans assembled to get a look at the performer. As the performer touched base at the occasion to cut the strip, his consideration went on a fan who was attempting to take a selfie with him. Sivakumar smacked the fan’s telephone off his hand and he got a great deal of analysis over his conduct on the web based life. Individuals requested an expression of remorse from the performing artist for his activity. Sivakumar is a dad of on-screen characters Suriya and Karthi.

It would appear that he has not gained from his oversights and now it stays to perceive what the performing artist needs to state about this new episode. What do you think? What do you think? Tell us in the remarks area underneath.

In his announcement, the veteran performing artist stated, “I am somebody who has never wavered to take photographs at an air terminal or any social occasion with a large number of individuals. Individuals ought to have the fundamental obligingness to ask any individual before clicking pictures with them. A superstar can’t be underestimated or considered as open property.”

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