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  • Air Strike by Indian Air Force on Pakistan
February 26, 2019
by admin

Air Strike by Indian Air Force on Pakistan

At 3.30 am in the morning, the Indian Air Force conducted air strike over PoK and some parts of Pakistan. They attacked on the training camps of Jaish-e-Mohammed killing very large number of terrorists and senior commanders.

The reports also suggests that Yusuf Azhar – brother-in-law of Jais-e Mohammed Chief Masood Azhar was also present at the Balakot Camp where the strike took place.

The Air Strike was carried by 12 Mirage Fighter Jets of Indian Air Force. It is said that around 1000kg of bombs were dropped on differnt terrorists camp. Mirage travels at the speed of 2000 km/hr. As per reports Pakistan tried to retalliate by their F-16 jet but turned back after seeing heavy loaded Indian Jets. The Strike took place around 21 minutes and the pilots returned back without having single scratch.

This strike is conducted to show respect to the 40 CRPF Martyrs who left us on 14th February,2019 in barbarian Pulwama Attack.

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