Supreme Court dismisses the plea of stay on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Biopic

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The release of the trailer of PM Narendra Modi’s Biopic created a hustle among different political parties in the biggest festival of democracy. The different opposition parties started blaming Bhartiya Janta Party claiming it as a political stunt of Modi. The actor Vivek Oberoi, playing the role of Narendra Modi also faced criticism.

The film was scheduled to release on 5th April but due to intervention of court it was postponed. Today, the apex court of India (Supreme Court) dismisses the plea against stay on the film made as a biopic of present Prime Minister of India: Narendra Modi.

The court said that the Election Commission is the appropriate body to decide this concern. Election Commission is the only constitutional body who can decide whether the Moral Code of Conduct is violated or not due to the release of the trailer of PM Modi’s Biopic. The court even refused to watch the trailer of the film.

The Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that the certificate for the film is yet to be produced and directed the Election commission to decide whether the film is giving any political mileage to the ruling party.

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