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  • Imran Khan Appeals for Peace after PM Modi's Challenge
February 25, 2019
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Imran Khan Appeals for Peace after PM Modi’s Challenge

Pakistani PM Imran Khan asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give Pakistan a chance to maintain peace and harmony. He even said that if New Delhi provides evidence of Pulwama Attack against Pakistan, he will take action against the terrorist. This appeal came from Imran Khan when during a rally, Modi challenged him to take honourable action against the terror group behind the attack, if he is ‘Pathan’s son Indeed’.

Recalling his conversation with Mr. Khan during a congratulatory phone call when he became Prime Minister of Pakistan; PM Modi said he told him “let us fight against poverty and illiteracy” and Mr Khan gave his word – saying he is a “Pathan’s son” who spoke and acted in truth.

PM Modi at the rally also said-“This is a changed India,the pain will not be tolerated…..We know how to crush the Terrorism.”

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